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Im LOVIN' Anodyne!! You really missed a sweet show on
8-21 @ the Quest...I was lucky enuf to see em again on
8-28 in SuFu (cuz its only 45 mins from where I go to
school; I love that I get to see the guys in the Cities
when Im home and out here when Im @ school), and by that
time I had all of Anodyne memorized and was
singing/screaming along. (I also like the smaller venues better
cuz then I can actually say "Hi" to the guys, get a hug and flatter
them ;) unlike @ the Quest or sumthin, where theres a million other
ppl tryin to talk to em; Im so selfish lol)
Id have to say my fave tracks are Divided, Anodyne, LSN,
Concrete Shoes and Severing (in no particular order)...
Quiet My Headache kinda bothers me, that one lyric
"...gun in my mouth to quiet my headache..." evokes painful
memories of a friend in HS who commited suicide that way.
This album def has a different sound and feel to it, more depressing
(and prolly very healing/theraputic to the band, which is why I
think the album title fits so perfect). I think its more
relate-able to the listener as well, cuz not everyone has experienced
the emotions like in Lost or Candycane, but even if you werent in love,
you still know the pain of a break-up, or being home-sick etc...
It took me awhile to start diggin Joga, but I like the idea of doin
covers of not-so-mainstream artists; Digging in the Dirt and Joga sound
sweet as DNA tunes, very different than by the original artists...
Well, thats my 2 cents, entertaining huh!?
Shit, its late, classes suck...Nuh nite everyone!!


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