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It's more than dropping just bombs

All you hear today is war this. Political bullshit this. Blah screw that. Kids want to have a good time now a days. So you'll see a lot of kids flocking to ROCKSHOWS. ROCK! I'm talking about Down and Above's Cd Release show that went down Saturday August, 21st. The show was really entertaining and a crowd so big to get away with rocking harder than your grandmother on her rocker.

I walked into the show during Sunset Black finishing up their set with "Save yourself." Kick ass rock ballad. Sound checks suck. Time to pass the time, and wonder around aimlessly. "Check vocal mic 1."

Sneaker2bombs Hits up the show in grand fashion playing "Rise from the ashes," familar to the crowd who listen to 93x, and watch this band through both of their kickass websites. Quietdrive, rises from the ashes to rename itself Sneaker2Bombs. It was everything and bring some more BOMBS. This band isn't treading on worn sneakers. They rocked the stage with the greatest of ease. Working the crowd for following band. Dropping Daylight previously Sue Generis. Kirby the added member owned the stage that night. Great performance, and backup vocals.

Another sound check. Dropping Daylight, prepares for some great ROCK!

Dropping daylight hits the stage with a solid set, and wows the audience anxious to see, what everyone came out to see Down and Above. Recently signed to Octane Records, with labelmates Maroon5, Dropping Daylight isn't backing down to Nowhere. They put more ROCK into this show. Sebastion playing the keys in a fashion an extrodinaire pianist would adding vocal touches like any kid would wish he could do. Playing a few new songs, and mixing it up a little, this wouldn't be the last time one of the members would be on the stage tonight.

Dun dun dun... Sound Check

Down and above comes to the stage there is a anxious feeling for everyone to gather up in front to catch the ROCK filled live shows Down and above are known for. Pablo from 93x sitting backstage, all the other bands that came out to support the night mingling in the backdrop. Sound check is done.

They have a few tracks on the cd that feature Align's vocalist, but he wasn't present that night. So they played "Son of a Gun" on the p.a. The crowd chants. D-N-A. The boys hit the stage, and the crowd goes banannas.
Everyones hand in the air. Holding up non-other than the ROCK symbol. WOO!

What a great night. I had a blast.

We went and flyered after the show, and it was cool mingling with all the people that night. After the show. Chris, Jaime, and I drove up to st. cloud for a famous night of a keg party.

I ran into a bunch of people from highschool. All around it was a great time. "Crazy Carl" was even there. Melissa "Bobs" was there. It was a great night. I'm still a bit drunk. My D-N-A cd is still in Chris' car, and I need to definately get that back so I can listen to that.

Well this rocker, Hip hopsters out.

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