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[03 Nov 2005|01:53pm]

Hey Everyone -

DOWN AND ABOVE have been chosen as one of three possible bands to open for Bon Jovi here in Minneapolis on Nov. 11 and I REALLY THINK THEY DESERVE IT.

So What I'm asking is that you please go to www.KQRS.com and click Jon Bon Jovi's sexy mug and choose DNA to winl. You have to enter an email address so please go ahead and vote with every Email you have, your mom has, and your pets have. I thought of 9 different people to be... so I'm confident that you can do the same.


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help another minneapolis band if you can [08 Jun 2005|12:42am]

Some friends of mine in a very hard-working band in the Cities have had the absolute misfortune of having their practice space broken into.

Please click here:
to read about it and see the gear that was stolen, and if you happen to see anything that is suspicious, or go into a pawn shop or a music store and see any of it, PLEASE contact the band, or me so that I can do so.

These guys worked very hard and it pains me to see them in such a situation.

Anything you can do to help is greatly appreciated by the band.

(x-posted to my journal and mpls_music and twin_cities)
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[02 Jun 2005|09:06pm]

So, this community's been a little dead lately.

Anyone going out to the Rock tomorrow night?

I've never heard/heard of the other two bands playing with them. Has anyone else? What do they sound like?

Someone should make a fun poll or something. I don't have a paid account anymore, so i can't. I dunno. Let's talk people!!

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new member [19 Mar 2005|02:44pm]

[ mood | weird ]

a friend of mine got me into Down and Above a few months ago, I'm in-fucking-love with them! went and saw there concert at St. thomas (in which they performed with Seconds Before) both groups did awesome. anyone else here attend that show?

p.s. I have the Anodyne CD, it's so freaking awesome...so good!

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[18 Feb 2005|03:46pm]


I thought I'd plug my radio show here. It's a modern rock show airing every friday night at 10-12 EST. You can listen here:


Tentative play list for tonight may include...

Tub Ring
The Postman Syndrome
Day One Symphony
Dearly Departed
The Felix Culpa
Ben Kenny
At The Drive In
Circa Survive
Cave In
Oh My God
Skeleton Key
and....The Cooper Temple Clause.

Tell your friends.
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[21 Jan 2005|12:24pm]

Down and Above "featured artist of the month" in an East Coast 'zine

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[20 Nov 2004|12:54am]

i just got back from seeing DNA at UMD this evening. i had almost forgotten how fucking amazing these guys are to hear live.

they played lots from the new cd and a few oldies as well. montana rocked my socks, as did anodyne.

amazing, just amazing.

was anyone else there?
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[14 Sep 2004|12:03am]

[ mood | hyper ]

Im LOVIN' Anodyne!! You really missed a sweet show on
8-21 @ the Quest...I was lucky enuf to see em again on
8-28 in SuFu (cuz its only 45 mins from where I go to
school; I love that I get to see the guys in the Cities
when Im home and out here when Im @ school), and by that
time I had all of Anodyne memorized and was
singing/screaming along. (I also like the smaller venues better
cuz then I can actually say "Hi" to the guys, get a hug and flatter
them ;) unlike @ the Quest or sumthin, where theres a million other
ppl tryin to talk to em; Im so selfish lol)
Id have to say my fave tracks are Divided, Anodyne, LSN,
Concrete Shoes and Severing (in no particular order)...
Quiet My Headache kinda bothers me, that one lyric
"...gun in my mouth to quiet my headache..." evokes painful
memories of a friend in HS who commited suicide that way.
This album def has a different sound and feel to it, more depressing
(and prolly very healing/theraputic to the band, which is why I
think the album title fits so perfect). I think its more
relate-able to the listener as well, cuz not everyone has experienced
the emotions like in Lost or Candycane, but even if you werent in love,
you still know the pain of a break-up, or being home-sick etc...
It took me awhile to start diggin Joga, but I like the idea of doin
covers of not-so-mainstream artists; Digging in the Dirt and Joga sound
sweet as DNA tunes, very different than by the original artists...
Well, thats my 2 cents, entertaining huh!?
Shit, its late, classes suck...Nuh nite everyone!!



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[10 Sep 2004|06:41pm]

this community has been pretty dead as of late, so i figured id make a post.

i dont know about the rest of you guys, but im totally digging the new cd. i missed the release show because my car is a piece of crap and i couldnt make it down from duluth. but luckily a friend picked up a copy of the cd for me. i cant decide which songs are my favorites yet. each song has its own thing that i really like about it.

anyone else have thoughts about the new cd?
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It's more than dropping just bombs [22 Aug 2004|01:15pm]

[ mood | drunk ]

All you hear today is war this. Political bullshit this. Blah screw that. Kids want to have a good time now a days. So you'll see a lot of kids flocking to ROCKSHOWS. ROCK! I'm talking about Down and Above's Cd Release show that went down Saturday August, 21st. The show was really entertaining and a crowd so big to get away with rocking harder than your grandmother on her rocker.

I walked into the show during Sunset Black finishing up their set with "Save yourself." Kick ass rock ballad. Sound checks suck. Time to pass the time, and wonder around aimlessly. "Check vocal mic 1."

Sneaker2bombs Hits up the show in grand fashion playing "Rise from the ashes," familar to the crowd who listen to 93x, and watch this band through both of their kickass websites. Quietdrive, rises from the ashes to rename itself Sneaker2Bombs. It was everything and bring some more BOMBS. This band isn't treading on worn sneakers. They rocked the stage with the greatest of ease. Working the crowd for following band. Dropping Daylight previously Sue Generis. Kirby the added member owned the stage that night. Great performance, and backup vocals.

Another sound check. Dropping Daylight, prepares for some great ROCK!

Dropping daylight hits the stage with a solid set, and wows the audience anxious to see, what everyone came out to see Down and Above. Recently signed to Octane Records, with labelmates Maroon5, Dropping Daylight isn't backing down to Nowhere. They put more ROCK into this show. Sebastion playing the keys in a fashion an extrodinaire pianist would adding vocal touches like any kid would wish he could do. Playing a few new songs, and mixing it up a little, this wouldn't be the last time one of the members would be on the stage tonight.

Dun dun dun... Sound Check

Down and above comes to the stage there is a anxious feeling for everyone to gather up in front to catch the ROCK filled live shows Down and above are known for. Pablo from 93x sitting backstage, all the other bands that came out to support the night mingling in the backdrop. Sound check is done.

They have a few tracks on the cd that feature Align's vocalist, but he wasn't present that night. So they played "Son of a Gun" on the p.a. The crowd chants. D-N-A. The boys hit the stage, and the crowd goes banannas.
Everyones hand in the air. Holding up non-other than the ROCK symbol. WOO!

What a great night. I had a blast.

We went and flyered after the show, and it was cool mingling with all the people that night. After the show. Chris, Jaime, and I drove up to st. cloud for a famous night of a keg party.

I ran into a bunch of people from highschool. All around it was a great time. "Crazy Carl" was even there. Melissa "Bobs" was there. It was a great night. I'm still a bit drunk. My D-N-A cd is still in Chris' car, and I need to definately get that back so I can listen to that.

Well this rocker, Hip hopsters out.


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[15 Aug 2004|02:22pm]

peekturesCollapse )

p.s. one week one week one week one week one week
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Download Divided [30 Jul 2004|03:02am]

[ mood | refreshed ]

Check the purevolume site...
Divided is now available for DLing...Yeay!!
Just 3 short wks to Anodyne's release... :D


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[29 Jul 2004|04:25am]

no one has posted in this community in a while, and it's late/early and I'm not tired even though I should be, so here's a random poll if anyone would like to participate.

About the Three of You and Vena Cava and what I've heard of Anodyne each have very different, distinctive sounds to them. Which of the three does everyone like the most so far?

comment with your response.. come on, it'll be fun.
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[24 Jul 2004|05:57pm]

St. Cloud
Java Joint

Down and Above
Seconds before

8pm all ages!!!!!

everyone should go.
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[16 Jul 2004|06:57pm]

[ mood | dorky ]

Well no posting in a while.
I can't belive no one has mentioned the release date for anodyne yet!

Quest Club / Minneapolis
early All Ages show / music @ 5pm

I am so excited.
It sucks that it is the same weekend as the Minneapolis hiphop festival though :(.

Anyone heading out to saint cloud next weekend?

Sat 7/24 - St. Cloud, MN
All Ages
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[05 Jul 2004|10:24pm]

I don't know if this has been posted yet, I don't think so, but everyone should go here and listen to some new DNA stuff if you haven't already:


I am digging Divided. I've been wanting to hear it ...
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[30 Jun 2004|07:40am]

I think someone posted a poll like this before. But I am curious, now that DNA has played more shows, more live new songs, what are everyone's favorite new ones?

I put Last Summer's Nightmare on the first poll, but after hearing the live cd, and actually being able to HEAR lyrics at the memorial show since I got stuck in back, I would have to say that my favorite new one is now Quiet My Headache.

I am really excited to hear the Bjork cover, though. and The song with Jeremy Jessen doing guest vocals. It makes me feel less sad about Align breaking up...
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Pix From 6-25-04 [28 Jun 2004|05:24pm]

Hey everyone!! Just thought Id pass on the link to the pix I took @ the Show in SuFu last Fri...



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Controlling the rage with passion, I'm hiding behind this... once again... [26 Jun 2004|06:41pm]

Hey guys you know what we should do, to be uber dorky, is make shirts for this community. And wear them at a show. Then we can meet each other. I think that would be funny. Just a cheap white tee shirt, and write the little community icon thing, and down_and_above, so it looks just like the link, and then have our user names on the back.

Haha.. that would be a riot. I'd so do it though! We'd be the only ones who knew what it meant, and those people at the shows who have LiveJournals but don't know about the community would recognize the tags and ask us about it.

Awesome promotional idea, though, right?

right?!? Who's with me??

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Show Fri, 6-25-04 [26 Jun 2004|02:21am]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Woah buddy, friggen awesome show!! Im so bummin that I had to bail after DNA, I wanted to hang, but the friend I brought w/, well, her mom was flying into town @ 8am and DNA didnt get offstage till 1215 (and its about a 45 min drive from Vermillion to SuFu) so we had to get back, clean and get some sleep!! lol But, omg, what an awesome show...Im so lovin Last Summer, think its my new fave, altho everything sounded so great...Oh, and we LOVED seein Zachs crack when he was fixin his drums lol It really was an amazing show, those of you who missed it really missed out...Cant wait to see those guys again soon!!
PS-I looked up anodyne on dictionary.com (like im sure everyone else has), and it was defined as "soothing or eliminating pain," so, not really gettin how thats a fitting name for a waffle house... ;)

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