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Show Fri, 6-25-04

Woah buddy, friggen awesome show!! Im so bummin that I had to bail after DNA, I wanted to hang, but the friend I brought w/, well, her mom was flying into town @ 8am and DNA didnt get offstage till 1215 (and its about a 45 min drive from Vermillion to SuFu) so we had to get back, clean and get some sleep!! lol But, omg, what an awesome show...Im so lovin Last Summer, think its my new fave, altho everything sounded so great...Oh, and we LOVED seein Zachs crack when he was fixin his drums lol It really was an amazing show, those of you who missed it really missed out...Cant wait to see those guys again soon!!
PS-I looked up anodyne on (like im sure everyone else has), and it was defined as "soothing or eliminating pain," so, not really gettin how thats a fitting name for a waffle house... ;)
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